New video - Cutting and styling Elliot Reed style messy short hair.

Amazing WWII Wonder Woman cosplay by Jessica LG

Amazing WWII Wonder Woman cosplay by Jessica LG

(Source: btpcast, via albinwonderland)

A super quick little update video - I fail at social networking lately, it’s all busyness and sleep these days!

meet the blogger

  • • the meaning behind my url: Well my name is Alice, and aliped means "with winged feet". Self explanatory really :)
  • • weakness: Anything made from potato and cooked.
  • • last time i cried and why: Oh fuck this is so embarrassing, after sex the other day. We'd argued the day before and the sex was amazing and he was looking all handsome and afterglowy and it just happened. Cringe.
  • • favorite band: Could not choose, honestly. I love so many different artists.
  • • biggest turn off(s): Extreme pessimism and dullness .
  • • top 5 foods: Chips, crisps, egg fried rice, meat, and those squidgy Haribo strawberry sweets.
  • • tattoos i want: I want to add to my bow, I'm thinking perfume and jewels and lipstick and things 'cause I'm a big girlie girl.. And after that I want a mermaid cameo on my left calf and a badass female pirate cameo on my right calf. I want a yellow rose with red tips for Jack (symbolises friendship turning into love), definitely want something for my family members.. A cartoon lamb somewhere, because that's what my entire family calls me.
  • • biggest turn on(s): My partner, intelligence, shyness.
  • • life goal(s): To travel. Have babies. Get married. Work with kids in some way. Buy a house. Explore the world and myself. LIVE :D
  • • favorite movie: I'm a real movie fanatic so there's no way I could choose! It depends on my mood. I generally love psychological thrillers/comedies though.
  • • a fact about my life: I have an older brother, 13 months older in fact, and although we're pretty much totally opposite, we're really close and have high respect and love for one another.
  • • phobia: Losing the people I love. Material stuff doesn't matter. I fear losing the people who make my world go round.
  • • tattoos i have: A cupcake, vine, playing cards, and potion bottle on my upper thigh, and a bow and hearts on my forearm.

Did a tiny photoshoot at home today to Christen my amazing new hotdog shirt.